What is your product complaints policy? 

 For workmanship-related complaints, please contact us via email or phone call within 2 weeks after delivery of the goods. Complaints made after this period will not be entertained.

The Process:
Customer submits photos showing the chief complaint/s.

Please send your email via Threadedculture@gmail.com
Threadedculture.com staff reviews the following:
Photos, Profile and original order details submitted, Quality paper/production paper, Additional notes/requests, Email correspondences concerning the order

Threaded Culture staff forwards these to the production manager for further investigation. Threaded Culture staff presents these resolutions to customer.

For measurement-related complaints, please submit photos to threadedculture@gmail.com showing the wrong measurements. Take note of the proper way of measurements as specified on our Measurement guides. We follow the international standards for tolerance of production and our fabrics comply with ITF standards that require cotton fabrics to shrink less than 2%.

If you submitted wrong measurements/style, we will either remake or alter the fabric at your full expense.
If Threaded Culture is at fault, we will handle full cost of alteration/remake. If it's easier to have a local tailor alter this for you, we can offer a voucher to be used as discount for future order.

For shipping-related complaints:
If you provided wrong address, you will need to contact the transporter to have it re-routed to the correct address. This may have re-routing fee. You will need to shoulder the cost. If the order is urgent, we will remake and rush ship it at your full expense.

If Threaded Culture provided the wrong address to transporter, Threaded Culture will handle full re-shipment costs. If the order is urgent, we will remake and rush ship it to you at no extra cost.

The above resolutions are general guidelines. We review the complaints in a case-to-case basis. It is always best that you contact customer service at Threadedculture@gmail.com for any concern you may have so they can provide better resolutions for you.  

What are your alteration fees? 

You can send shirts back to us if you need adjustments to be made.

Alteration fee is $10 per shirt. If the area to be altered has to be enlarged or lengthened, we need to check the fabric allowance of the garment. The following are things we can alter.

- Shirt length too long, Sleeve length too long or too short.
- Chest, waist, hip, yoke are too big
- Arms are too big or too small
- Cuffs, Collar too big or too small

  What is your Returns Policy?   

If you are not satisfied with Threaded Culture products due to reasons like fit, quality, fabric issue, etc, please contact us at threadedculture@gmail.com We will evaluate the issue on a case per case basis. The general principles are:

1. If we were not able to follow the measurements you entered, with consideration of our cutting commitment and allowances published on our website, we will remake your order.

2. If the package has been damaged during shipment, we will request for a photograph of it. We will replace the order as long as it has not been tampered (washed, cleaned, etc) and reported within 1 week upon receipt of the item.